YouTube Running Slow – Make YouTube Run Faster and Stop It Freezing and Crashing

No one wants to sit there while the videos keep stopping. If this happened when you were watching a film you youtube downloader 2020 would not accept it, so there is no need to put up with it when YouTube is running slow.

If YouTube keeps crashing on you or closing the cause can be the same as if a computer crashes and the solutions are similar and you can fix this.

This is what you need to do to find the cause of YouTube running slow and put a stop to it on your computer. It does not matter what version of windows you are using, the solutions are very similar and you should go through them in the order below.

1. You have a slow internet connection.

2. You have installed Third-party add ons or toolbars on your browser. Some of these can be spyware.

3. You have registry corruption. This can be caused by these toolbars or downloading junk software and spyware.

4. The windows registry entries for your browser are corrupt.

5. Flash player or other plugins required for YouTube are corrupt or outdated and result in YouTube running slow.

1. Slow Internet Connection

The first thing you should check is your internet connection. It can run fast for months ans then suddenly slow right down because of problems with your ISP. Check this first before you go any further.

2. Third-Party Toolbars causing problems.

These toolbars can end up slowing down your web browser result in YouTube running slow and even causes windows errors too. and make other sites slow down.

Quick solution.

1. Open your web browser.

2. Click View and then toolbars and uncheck any third-party toolbars.

3. If you get any messages asking you to confirm this say yes and disable them completely including any other prompts for active x controls.

4. Update flash player. Flash player is required by many YouTube videos to play. If the version on your computer is outdated or corrupt this will cause real problems.

Quick solution.

Go to the windows control panel and then add and remove programs and remove the flash player. then open your browser and download the latest version.

5.Fix the registry corruption.

you may find YouTube running because of registry corruption The registry is needed by windows to run everything from software, hard, browsers and shortcuts and any errors in there can have a serious impact on computer performance.

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