Why Your Roulette Strategy Never Works

If you have played with a roulette strategy that supposes to work, but it does not. You find it works for other players, but why not on you? Is the strategy you used not really works or it may cause by other factors?

It is true that no one roulette strategy that can guarantees you the winning, no matter how good the it is, but if you manage to apply one that is able to increase your odd of winning, then it is possible to make consistent winning from a casino.

Like many roulette players, my best roulette strategy failed to make winning for me initially. After losing thousand of dollars in trying to beat the wheel with the best strategy I ever found, I started to analyze what makes me lose.

A general trend that I encounter is I will win initially when I follow the rule of betting required in my strategy and I see my bankroll roll up and up. At some time, I try to win the same amount of money faster, so I increase my betting amount and I bet more frequently. The strategy did work and I won more. But, after some times when I hit a consecutive losing turns, I will lose most of my winnings. The more I lost, the more I bet because I want to win back what I had lost. I almost forget about the best roulette strategy I had used to win the game initially. Guess what? I lost all my money I had won together with the money I deposited.

Every time when I made a new deposit into my online casino account, I promised myself to follow my roulette strategy strictly no matter how much money I had won. But, I always became greedy and forgot about my strategy. So, I always loss BEST Roulette Strategy all winning plus my own money after seeing my bankroll increased with winnings. Some incident happens again and again. I kept asking myself why the roulette strategy I used never made profit from the roulette game.

Until I joined a few gambling forums and through the online chat with other players, I really many players do have the similar experience that their roulette strategy never works to make them money even though they won initially. The reason they lost was the same as me; they became greedy after winning big money and they lost back all the winnings and their own money at last. Therefore, I learned from my mistakes and trained myself to control my greedy behavior. Once I managed to bet with strategy and not with my emotion, I win more than I lose, making me a net winning on every exit.

So, if your roulette strategy never works for you, then you should check whether you are like me, your losses are due to your greedy behavior and not the strategy. If you have applied a betting strategy that is proven to work on other players, then it should work for you if you follow the rule of betting. If it works in the other way round, then most probably it is not caused by the strategy itself, but other factors that make you lose.

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