What I Did When My Boyfriend Cheated on Me

Men always take us for granted. They think they can sleep with whoever they feel like and then blame it on the booze or on some lame excuses. My boyfriend cheated on me in the week of Christmas and all he said for an excuse was that he had one too social media cheating many red wine with his friends and was not aware of what he was doing, besides it was Christmas! I had to endure that for an answer. What I learned when my boyfriend cheated on me was that he will always do it again. He will come and offer apologies in all forms to me and that part in me was obliged to accept it. For me I decided to use this to learn about men and their understanding of a relationship, and this are exactly what I did privately after giving him another chance. You can use some of my findings in your experiences and it should work too.

I make him discuss the cheating affair with me like he will discuss it with his friends. Make him understand that part of the reasons you are are forgiving him is that he shares the content of that affair with you and any other one he has been involved in. It is possible your boyfriend never told you about this weird side he has always got, you might as well use this opportunity to decide if you can take it or simply move on. I know now that when my man cheats on me, he expects me to forgive him then we make up and move on but I will no longer do that as I am taken for granted after wards. If you love your man and not ready allow him stay away from you if he is cheating on you then you must be ready to sacrifice your happiness for “this love” simple.

As lovers I had some rights to at least peek at his phone, look up my Facebook and tweet my friends on his computer. He tendered an apology to me so part of his punishment we agreed on was I will have access to his privacy so I did expect his mobile phone contact names be saved with real name and not codes or “Swahili” name unless of course he is “swahilian”. Social network sites make flirting extremely easy so what I do is speculate the amount of time he is spending there. If it appears he is getting excited with his friends, I am very sure something funny is up watch him closely! If he keeps deleting his recent web history then he is hiding something from you, deal with it before it gets to you.

In the beginning of the relationship I blindly made my boyfriend understand how much I loved him, he felt was this negative vibe that I feel no longer attractive to other men and is desperate to hold on to him. Little did he know that I was acting out of pure love for him (I did love him deeply), he decided to use it against me a slept with women behind my back and when I did find out he staunchly denied it and threatened to move on if I didn’t believe him. My boyfriend cheated with my kid sister’s friend and was determined to deny it. Unfortunately that was the last of the series of pardon I had given him I had none left so the relationship had to end there.

If you love your boyfriend like I did then you will understand that repeatedly forgiving a cheating boyfriend becomes normal to you and therefore gives your boyfriend the license to continuously cheat and beg for pardon, as that is all it takes to make it up to you. Fact, our emotions lead us into decisions here but I urge you to leave out emotions temporarily and embrace rationality in making decisions and you will see all that he truly deserves is a kick in the butt and out of your life. There is a man out there that will completely have you and your well being in their mind all the time why waste your time with a loser like this? All you need is patience and luck.

After my boyfriend cheated on me, I urged him to tell me all about his previous cheat scenes be it before or during our relationship. I made him understand it was not going to be of any effect on our present condition. While he agrees to say them pay close attention to details of previous flings he had, look him closely in the eye and watch his body movements as they can tell you if he indeed is really enjoying doing them or was just lured into doing them. Most men feel an all conquering feeling anytime they lay a woman. Beware! You may have bagged such a man as a boyfriend.

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