Want Help With Your PPC Campaigns? Read This Review Of Keyword Elite

So why would you consider software to conduct your
Keyword research, you may ask yourself?

One of the main and important reasons is the ability to
save huge amounts of time on conducting research for
profitable Keywords keyword research tool api for using with AdSense content pages or
looking for effective Keywords for your Google Adword
campaigns. The phrase time is money is no truer than when
attempting to do this type of research manually.

Ok, first things first Brad Callen in my opinion has
excelled in developing a user friendly interface, I
personally own both Keyword Elite and Seoelite, which is
another of Brad’s software developments, more of that on
another review, but for now lets concentrate on the benefits
of Keyword Elite.

When you start with the software it provides you with
5 projects:

1. Create a Keyword List

2. Analyse Pay Per Click Listings

3. Select a Keyword List

4. Analyse Keyword Competition

5. Spy on AdWords Competition

Project 1-Creating a Keyword List

This allows you to enter your desired keyword or phrase, you
are provided with options telling Keyword Elite where you
wish it to collate it’s data from.

The options include:


Google Suggestion Tool



Misspelled Keywords

You are also provided with the option to use Wordtracker
and or Keyword Discovery, dependent on having accounts
with these. Whichever choices you take Keyword Elite can
return up to potentially 10,000 keywords.

I’m sure you can see how this could not only provide large
keyword lists but also significant time savings.

Project 2-Analyse Per Per Click Listings

If you are actively conducting research and implementing
strategies with Google AdWords campaigns, then I believe
project 2 would be of immense assistance in your campaigns.

So what is project 2 about?

Firstly, keyword lists from project 1 can be uploaded into
project 2. Although possible, it is unlikely that you will
wish to analyse all your keywords on your list. Keyword
Elite allows you to select from the list the words that you
wish to specifically research.

It takes your selection and searches all the major PPC
search engines, you can see it’s progress in the thread view
and when finished you can view the results within the report

Within the report view this is where you will find an
immense amount of valuable information, including the KEI or
(Keyword Effectiveness Index), which provides a guide to the
profitability of that Keyword.

Other information included is the CPC (Cost Per Click) and
the average amount of time a word is clicked on.

Keyword Elite will show results for this information and
more including detailed analysis of your competition, and
does this for Broad,Phrase and Exact matches.

Furthermore it allows you to use this analysis to launch an
AdWords campaign without going into your Google AdWords
campaign settings. The whole system is organised to assist
the user as much as possible.

Project 2-Continued..

Continuing with project 2 not only are you selecting popular
keywords to use with Google AdWords campaigns, but you are
also establishing profitable Keywords to incorporate with
Google AdSense pages if you so wish.

So how does it work, Keyword elite creates your Keyword List
and analyses the cost per click mentioned previously, at
this point you can select the Keywords you wish to work

Right clicking on the selection allows you to create AdSense
pages. Keyword Elite searches for articles surrounding the
Keywords chosen, on completion you are able to build AdSense
pages using one of three provided templates or you can
select your own.

Keyword elite allows you to record your own preferences with
regards to the AdSense blocks and text, and your own
publishing id, all in all a number of new pages can be
created in a matter of minutes and with a Google site map

Project 4-Analyse your Keyword competition

With this project you can select up to 100 competing
websites. You enter your keyword phrase and Keyword Elite
goes to work on analysing your competition and provide
results on how many sites are competing, how many searches
are taking place.

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