The Outcome of Poor Health and Safety Management in the Industry

I was asked by one of my clients to interview victims of industrial accidents. The people I interviewed were currently employed or previously employed by the company. I interviewed people at their home, sometimes with their spouses. It was probably the most difficult project I had ever completed. Personally, I found it very stressful but it hardened my resolve to do something about the industrial accidents. It started me on a crusade to reduce workplace accidents that has continued ever since.

Case 1 I interviewed one husband and wife and they explained the financial cost of a workplace accident that required six months away from work. Prior to the accident, the husband worked overtime which afforded them small luxuries in life. During the six months he was off work their quality of life crashed. It affected their two children because they were unable to make any contribution to their education. They are unable to go on holiday and had to make do with second-hand clothes and an incredibly tight food budget. It was a very sad interview.

Case 2 In this case, the victim was confined to a wheelchair for three months as a result of a back injury which required surgery. During this time, the social life of the couple stopped. The husband in the wheelchair became very bitter and morose which meant that people did not go and see them. Their married relationship deteriorated to a point where they considered parting. In this case, it was a happy ending because the husband had an operation, went back to work and regained his normal cheerful demeanor.

Case 3 The injured person in this case was female, with two preschool children. As a result of a work injury she was unable to pick up the children or even bend down and cuddle them. When I interviewed her, she explained, in between tears, that her quality of life had diminished to the point where she had contemplated suicide.

Case 4 This man had been off work for over a year as a result of a workplace accident. It was the third major workplace accident he had endured. It was unlikely that he would ever return to work and he viewed the future with trepidation because he had a strong work ethic and had no wish to spend the rest of his life as he described it, on the scrap heap.

Case 5 Long-term unemployment was the prospect for this person who had received considerable physical damage as a result of a workplace accident.

Case 6 This young man will never play sport again. Damage to his legs and pelvis will never allow him to play a contact sport, will never allow him to develop his undoubted skill in football. He said that he couldn’t even bear to watch a game or to be involved in the social side.

Case 7 As a result of hand and wrist injuries, this person will never carry out his favourite sports and hobbies, fishing and hunting. An accident at work had robbed him of all manual dexterity as well as several fingers.

Case 8 The effect on the family as a result of a workplace accident was profound. As one injured father said to me,” Because of a lack of attention at work for one second, my life has turned to a nightmare.”

Case 9 I interviewed two people who had left their jobs as a result of severe workplace accidents. They were having great difficulty finding alternative employment because they had lost their self-confidence. To my knowledge they remained unemployed for at least the next four years. This was common in many cases. There was a feeling among many of the injured people that life had treated them unfairly. In turn this led to a victim mentality which made them hostile and bitter.

The tragedy was that, in all cases, these accidents were preventable.

50% of the people I interviewed separated from their partner after a major work accident. It seems that 먹튀검증 in many cases when the breadwinner cannot work, their outlook on life becomes extremely negative and this has predictable effects on relationships both marital and social.

The negative effect on children, in my opinion, was one of the saddest aspects of this project. When money became tight certain things stopped. Holidays, school camps, school outings, treats, and so on. The atmosphere and environment in the household changed considerably for the worst when Dad or Mom was home injured instead of working.

The victim mentality was common with people who had suffered a serious accident with long term consequences. They became extremely negative in their outlook on life and their friends who had been supportive at first, gradually drifted away. Without a doubt, all the people I interviewed had at some stage suffered a substantial loss of self-esteem. Some of them coped with it, some of them didn’t. And this loss of self-esteem epitomises the emotional cost of the lost time injury accident.

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