Soft Sided Luggage – How to Choose the Best Material For Your Travel Needs

Before you rush off to your local warehouse store, or attempt to purchase soft sided luggage online, here شركة-نقل-عفش-الكويت are several guidelines that will help you choose the best material for your travel needs.

Types of luggage material available:

Soft sided leather –

Suitcases, carry-on bags, totes, duffels, and backpacks are worth the investment when you’re traveling locally, domestically, or internationally. When you’re buying leather luggage, be aware of the genuine article.

Top Grain-this type of leather is stamped, sanded, and painted.

Full-Grain-this type of leather is the strongest, most durable and breathable material that will last probably throughout your lifetime.

If you’re a frequent traveler, and you value your belongings, then you will most certainly enjoy the longevity, durability, and quality of owning soft sided leather luggage.

Polyester luggage –

A variety of selections is always available in polyester travel gear. You can easily choose from an unlimited amount of colors and patterns. When you want inexpensive luggage that will not look like everyone else’s bags, then polyester is a viable choice.

However, this type of material for soft-sided luggage, other than transporting your clothing and belongings for an overnight car trip, is not created to last a long time. Usually the fabric will rip or tear easily and the wheels or handles will fall off at the most inappropriate time during your trip. If you just need a piece of luggage to transport extra items you purchased while traveling, and most certainly, a polyester bag will serve its purpose.

Nylon material –

Nylon, especially ripstop nylon, is a very strong and water resistant material that’s made for a select number of luggage companies and manufacturers. Unless you are packing only clothes and shoes, then be prepared that if you pack something that is crushable, breakable, or valuable to you, you might want to place those items in another type of luggage material.

Nylon luggage has no reinforcements to protect whatever valuables you place inside. Although the material is strong, and can take moderate abuse and use, it is best purchased for use during those trips where you’ll only be transporting soft and non-breakable items.

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