Scenario Paintball Guns, Games and More

Scenario paintball guns…*drools*… far surpasses any other type of paintball, (in my opinion, obviously… who’s else would it be?) Anyway, the great variety of scenario paintball guns you’ll encounter and types of scenario paintball games csgo case opening sites keep the sport alive and interesting. Now I’m not here to bash woodsball or speedball, both can be great in their own respects, but I personally am a die hard scenario paintball fan.

So first, let’s talk about the markers. When it comes to the huge range of various paintball guns, well it’s hard to pick a place to start. You’ll encounter everything from little kids on rental guns, big kids, (like myself) with their own modded gear, ranging from AK-47’s to M16s to SAWS, hell you might even see one of those guys with a 22″ barrel jabbering about their mad snipers skills… Right. Nevertheless, in my experience, scenario paintball games have the largest variety of skill levels who attend, from people who’ve never played to total die hards, (like myself =D), which keeps the game interesting each time you come back.

There are a TON of different games you can play on scenario fields: Alamo, Blackhawk Down, Crackhouse, Zombies, Civil War etc. Just to name a few. Such a great variety of game types requires quite the field, just another reason I love Blitz. Their scenario field is HUGE. They’ve got a helicopter, two story building, plane, school bus, and a number of trailers, just to name a few. If you ever get the chance to play there, go for it.

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