SAP Business One International Implementation Highlights – USA and Brazil

SAP B1 mid-size and small business ERP and MRP system is available in multiple countries and SAP normally certifies SB1 with local government reporting and tax agencies. The nicety of this relatively new accounting package is its flexibility, where revenda de hospedagem brasil you have basic business processes, covering such areas as inventory counts, picking and packing, customer and vendor consolidation, production, warranty contracts, customer service, CRM, even eCommerce. Plus SAP Business One has customization and modification tool, SB1 SDK, where you can add your unique custom add-on. In this small publication we would like to give you international implementation examples: United States headquarters and Brazilian subsidiaries:

1. SAP Business One in Brazil. Initial pilots in Brazil were conducted in 2005, early 2006, and at this time (fall of 2008) it is matured localized ERP in Brazil with local taxation and financial reporting support. In the past we saw local municipal taxation needs, however at this time all the gaps are pretty much covered and if you are selection ERP in Brazil for mid-size or small office, reporting to US or European headquarters, where you deploy SAP R3 or Great Plains Dynamics GP, SB1 would be probably the first choice

2. Portuguese language support. Language switch could be done within the same session, or you can pick default language per user, which is also very cool feature. If you are doing implementation in US and Brazil, we recommend you to pick one SB1 reseller who is familiar with international compatibility of your installation in both places, especially if you plan to host SB1 server in your headquarters to avoid some technology pitfalls dismay

3. Brazilian subsidiary consolidation to your corporate ERP. If you use SB1 then it is simple enough and you can use reporting across the companies. If you use Microsoft Dynamics GP, then you can deploy FRx advanced reporting, where FRx pulls data from Excel export and corporate ERP, which is regular Great Plains company. Consolidated reporting could be also built in Crystal Reports. Plus popular consolidation way is to move GL transactions from SB1 company to Great Plains via GP Integration Manager

4. Remote support. Technically, if your offices are located in multiple US and Brazilian regions, it is impractical to have mandatory local support for each facility as you will face introduction to your business processes learning curve cost and delay. Modern SAP Business One consultant should be able to support you via GoToMeetings web sessions and skype VOIP calls.

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