Rank For No 1 In Google Using These Free Tools

There are actually a lot of free tools available that would help a website rank for no 1 in Google. They are utilized for various functions including examining backlinks, keyword research, page ranks, and analytics. It gets tough to determine the ranking tracker comparative significance and functionality of each tool. Enumerated in this article are some of the tools that are available for free.

1. Backlinks Watch (Backlinking tool)

Search engine optimization involves backlinking. This particular tool provides a definite count and evaluation of the site’s backlinks such as the page they are visiting, anchor text and the entire amount of backlinks on that certain page. Backlink Watch, which can be found on backlinkswatch.com, will give a notification about who is backlinking to the articles and monitor the good results of the link building strategy.

2. Google AdWords (Keyword Research tool)

In any kind of campaign intended to make a site rank for no 1 in Google, the initial step should be determining the keywords and phrases to be used. This step is referred to as keyword research. This keyword tool is regarded as the most popular and recommended free tool for this function. It will inform which keywords and phrases to focus on, the rival for the keywords, and tips on well-known phrases one might possibly not have even looked into. There are some other tools for keyword research that require payment, though.

3. SEO Book (Rank Checker tool)

This tool is a Firefox plugin that makes it possible to examine where the site is ranking well in keyword searches. It allows storing information on every campaign and runs accounts from the internet browser in just a few seconds. It facilitates in analyzing site rankings on the 3 most popular search engines, namely Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. SEO Book is an extensively used free tool which could help check rankings and eventually help a site rank for no 1 in Google.

4. Hubspot (Website Grader tool)

This free tool is capable of doing a health check on the site prior to giving it a grade and providing suggestions about how it can be boosted. A couple of exciting features of Hubspot are indexed pages analysis, social media grader, blog analysis, metadata, inbound links, domain data, and last crawl date to name a few. It can provide an in-depth description about the website. It can also trace the number of times it has been saved and bookmarked on Delicious or Digg. By knowing the health of a website, one may be able to build an intelligent strategy on how to rank for no 1 in Google.

5. XML Sitemap Generator (Sitemapping tool)

Another tool that can facilitate a website’s attempts to rank for no 1 in Google is XML Sitemap Generator. By setting a methodically arranged XML file with website map on the internet server, the Google crawlers will uncover what web pages are existing on the website and which of them have been modified fairly recently. Sitemaps assist Google’s spiders in crawling around the site to know very well what the site really is about. This sitemap generator tool will be the one to develop a sitemap certified by Google and that must be added to the home directory every time the website is revised.

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