Movado Watches Series 800 – The Ultimate Luxury Sports Watch

For over 125 years the Movado company have been creating watches. For most of that time they have also been winning awards for their legendary watches. These timepieces have always been associated with the finest of movements and accuracy that ดูซีรีย์ Swiss watches are famous for. Movado has recently launched a new series of watches, the Movado Series 800. This range is the ultimate in luxury sports watches and is available in both mens and ladies watches.

The Movado 800 Series has been designed specifically to appeal to the younger market looking for a more practical luxury watch, those that are seeking to purchase a watch in the $500-$1500 range, and the Movado watch owner who is looking for a sports watch.

All of the watches in the Movado Series 800 features the easily recognized, large and luminous, Movado dot at 12. The Movado dot has become symbolic of Movado watches and pays homage to the very famous Movado Museum Series. Other practical, athletic, and special features that you would expect of a Movado watch are:

* performance steel, a higher grade of stainless steel, is used in the production of these watches for even better durability and strength. The low nickel content in this surgical steel quality offers improved hypoallergenicity.

* water resistant to 200 meters, or 660 feet. This watch will survive any fall into a swimming pool.

* wrist bands are available in either black Thermoresin, which has inbuilt UV protection, or the stainless steel bracelet. Both wrists straps have a fold over safety bar at the clasp for added security while participating in active pursuits. The stainless steel bracelets come equipped with a diver deployment clasp that allows your watch to be worn safely over your wetsuit.

* variety of colored watch faces to suit your individual style ranging from traditional black or white through to the more sporty red, yellow, and blue.

* various sized watches are available in 28, 38, and 43 mm.

* chronograph watches are available in the 800 Series and will add extra elegance along with the added benefit of split second timing. The three extra round dials on the face of the watch will allow you to time your personal bests in minutes, seconds, and tenths of seconds.

* screw down crown to provide a more water resistant watch.

* Swiss quartz movement for precise timekeeping, which is accurate to 60 seconds per year.

* one way, or unidirectional rotating bezel for more accurate recording of passed time.

* wave textured dial and a wave contoured face continue the legendary Movado sleek and clever watch architecture.

* 2 year Movado warranty.

The Movado Series 800 watch is the latest range from a company who has prided themselves on winning over 200 awards in the watch industry. Movado also hold over 100 watch patents. Innovative creativity combined with Swiss accuracy and high end luxury is the end result.

The Movado Series 800 is perfect for the individual seeking the combination of an eye-catching luxury watch with the practicalities of a sports watch. Dress it up, dress it down. Strap one of these Movado watches to your wrist and leave it there.

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