Marketing Online – The Skinny

Online Marketing Key Can Be Blogs Websites Social Media Or Email Lists

• Defined the market that you are in

The whole point in marketing your business online is:

The benefits of showcasing your business or product on the Internet for millions and even billions of potential customers to have access so that your business can gain a large market share. Basically, the more people who have access to your product, the greater the odds that they’ll buy something from you. But marketing online the intelligent way is more than just putting your advertising online and simply watch the cash role in. As a business owner (and that’s exactly who you are), it’s extremely important that you communicate with your customers, be sure to promote your business or product online, give your customers what they want (notice I didn’t say what they need- that’s a totally different story), and make sure that your target audience actually wants what’s on your website – be relevant! And get to the point! Now, let’s talk about budget- yes that word- The wonderful advantage of online marketing is that you don’t need to have a large budget to produce a multi-million dollar marketing campaign. There are tones of free tools and templates that you can use to make your marketing campaign easy and will create a profit for you.

What Do You Need To Be Successful In An Online Business?

• Find out what your customers want to buy.

Before you get started marketing online, first, make sure that you actually have something that people want to buy. If your customers aren’t able to find value in what you have- they will not buy from you- trust me. People buy online for two main reasons: cost and time/convenience. Be very honest with yourself- will your customers find it easier to buy online (from you) than from a brick and mortar store? Is what your selling cheaper or have you hiked up the price to make a huge profit?

Always be fair with your customers- remember: No one likes a business that takes food off their plates!

• Interpersonal Communication.

One of the most important aspects of marketing online is: how quickly do you respond to your customer’s inquired. If it takes you all week to return your customers e-mails you’ll lose them faster than it took to get them. After all, it took you time to get them – timely communication will only bring in more sales and garner the trust of your customers faster. Never allow any more than two to three days to go by before you return that e-mail. Here’s a common question: How often should I communicate with my customers? The key here is to be consistent in both content and delivery time. For example, if you have set a president in sending out e-mails or newsletter on Tuesdays once a week, then don’t start sending them once a month on a Saturday. You-Will-Loose-Them!

• Get Help.

For a business to be successful, it needs help from different resources. However, because you’re marketing. The Pilot that’s flying the plane can’t also be the person that serves the passengers. So outsource whenever possible- it’s often cheaper and takes far less time. This allows any online business to operate on Autopilot. Finally, always add a personal touch to every product that has your name on it.

Remember, your customers don’t care if you’re the only one manning the fort- they just want to know if you can deliver on your promise and SOLVE THEIR PROBLEM!!!

For our next chat I’ll spill the beans on where to find great resources for your business- for FREE!

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