How Joe Gold Saved My Life

Just recently of course, the bodybuilding world realized that our dear friend and gym franchise pioneer Joe Gold has departed to the great big gym in the sky. Joe Gold’s contribution to ทำนายฝัน bodybuilding has been extensive. He is the founder of the original Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach.

Everyone remembers seeing Arnold and Lou and Frank Zane and all the greats of the 60s and 70s training at Joe Gold’s Gym. Joe also started both franchises Gold’s Gym and World Gym both franchises blossomed into worldwide successes. Based on these facts alone, Joe has affected many people on a large scale. However, everyone who new him could testify that Joe Gold’s character was as golden as his name. Joe made a valuable contribution to the life of every individual who knew him.

Recently, I was flipping through a magazine and I saw an article and a series of photos of all the greats getting together to honor Joe Gold after his recent passing. I was moved to read all of the personal stories of how Joe touched people’s lives. Over and over the same theme kept coming out; Joe Gold was bodybuilding’s real nice guy.

Joe really did see it all or done it all as far as the sport goes. Early in his career he had spent time in the May West Muscle Show, did the whole Muscle Beach scene, started a gym, trained the champions and lived the bodybuilding lifestyle. Joe has helped out almost all the greats in the sport but he also affected normal people as well. In fact one of those people was me. Joe Gold saved my life, and here is how it happened.

It all started way back in my barn in rural New Brunswick. New Brunswick is a cold out of the way province, just above the Maine border. As a young lad there were no gyms around so I had to train in a makeshift gym I had constructed in a barn. I would stare at the pictures and magazines of muscular he man flexing their muscles on a sandy beach with a California sun beating down. I watched movies like Pumping Iron with Arnold, Ed Corny, Lou Ferrigno and all the greats training in Gold’s Gym and I dreamed that one day I too could train there.

Years went by and I kept dreaming about training at Gold’s. My dreams were fueled by a steady stream of pictures in the bodybuilding magazines about California, Gold’s Gym and the way the bodybuilders live and train. After graduating from High School I went to university and studied exercise physiology at the University of New Brunswick. Upon completion of my studies, that iron bug had grown to full on obsession. I had to get to California. I knew that I had to meet Joe Gold. I had to learn the secrets of the champs and like the thousands and thousands of bodybuilderss before me, I too had to make my pilgrimage to the Mecca.

So, one crisp fall day, I sold everything I had, which was not a whole lot, put a few things in a bag and boarded a plane, flew out to the west coast of Canada. I then boarded a train down to through the states of Washington and Oregon until I finally got to Los Angeles. I had made it. After a first night in Hollywood I booked myself a hostel at Venice beach. The hostel was dirt cheap and I would only be a few blocks from the Mecca, Gold’s Gym.

The next morning, I went out to my first experience at Gold’s. I was mesmerized as soon as I walked in the door. I stared at the myriad of machines all over the place. Pictures of all the champions I had read about hung on the walls. The gym was a buzz with serious bodybuilders every where, I had never seen men and women so big and so ripped. I was mesmerized. I was in heaven. Being relatively naïve I did not realize that Joe Gold was not at Gold’s anymore he had sold the Gold’s franchise long ago and had moved down the street to his new franchise, World’s Gym. After my first workout at Gold’s, I thought well I will actually go to World’s Gym, see what that is all about.

Sure enough, the next day dawned a nice, bright, sunny day which is pretty much the usual in southern California in October. I was basking in the sunshine of excitement knowing that I was walking down the same beach that Arnold and Franco used to walk down years ago. As I made my way up the street, I saw a big sign of World’s Gym. I went in the doorway and climbed up the stairs. As I came up to the front desk and I got the shock of my life. Behind the desk, sitting down in a chair with that bright, smiling face that you could not mistake anywhere, was the man himself.

“Joe Gold”, I exclaimed! “I can’t believe it. You’re Joe Gold.” He smiled that smile that seemed a thousand miles wide and he looked up and he said yeah, that is what they used to call me. Overcome with euphoria I asked, “Joe can you sign my training book?” I was overwhelmed. I could not believe. This was the man. This was the man that had trained Arnold. This is the man that started the gym and built the empire that thousands of bodybuilders had flocked too and here I was standing before him. I was almost speechless.

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