Drawbacks of Virtual Credit Cards

Identity fraud has caused serious headache to the card holders, as well as the authorities who are trying to control this from happening. An alternative to overcome this issue has been designed – virtual credit card. It is also known as CVV shop prepaid card. The number given on it is only valid for one time use and it expires within a short period. Nonetheless, there are some limitations of this card.

First, it can only be used for online transactions. Let’s say if you wish to swipe your card in supermarket to buy your groceries, virtual credit card cannot be used because it is not registered under anyone which means you cannot have online statement with this card.  

Next, you have to deposit money in it in advance. If there is no money in the account, you cannot use it. Usually this card is fixed with a certain value of money (you can only deposit the money for once). It indicates that you cannot reload for the second time and people usually use it for single transaction by fully utilizing the amount in it because the leftover amount is not usable anymore.

Since this card will expire within a short time, it cannot be used for longer time transactions. For instance, if you are purchasing goods such as books or video games, it may take a long time for the transaction to happen. In this case, only normal credit card will be accepted for the transaction.

Despite of all the drawbacks of virtual credit card, it still has its advantages that credit card does not have. If you always purchase items online, it may be suitable for you. You will feel more safe and confident with this card to do your online purchase.  

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