Does Eating More Slowly Help You Lose Weight?

Many people eat too quickly and get up for seconds before their meal has had a chance to settle. One of the benefits of eating slowly is feeling satiated without eating too much.

What Makes You Feel Full

The stomach has stretch receptors that signal the brain as it fills. Next, as the partially digested food enters the small intestine other hormones like CCK also send signals. Finally, your fat cells produce leptin that communicates with the brain about your long-range fuel needs based on the body’s energy stores.

Signal Interference

As people become overweight or obese, insulin and leptin resistance develops and interferes with the delivery of these messages. By eating more slowly, you can improve the delivery of these signals and reduce appetite and weight gain.


• Reduced Appetite: The most important benefit of eating slowly is that it leads to reduced food intake. Lower food intake means fewer calories and that spells weight loss.

• Increased Satiety: Eating more slowly allows the fullness signals to develop before your plate is empty.(1) This makes it easier to eat less without feeling deprived.

• Weight Control: Eating slowly and enjoying smaller portions is part of the reason for the ‘French paradox.'(2) France enjoys a lower rate of heart disease and obesity than the US, despite the higher intake of calorie-rich and fatty foods.

• Appreciating Food Quality: Eating slowly allows for a greater appreciation of the quality, or lack of quality, in the food being consumed. This could explain why fast eaters are more prone to consume fast foods and junk foods.

• Prevent Metabolic Syndrome: Eating quickly is a risk factor for developing the metabolic syndrome.(3) This 먹튀검증사이트 is a combination of symptoms like high blood pressure, insulin resistance and obesity.

• Improve Digestion: Digestion is a chain reaction that starts in your mouth. Rushing through a meal forces your GI tract to deal with stuff before it’s fully prepared.

• Curb Binge Eating: People who suffer from compulsive eating usually feel out of control of their eating behavior. Slowing down is the best way to regain control.


• Eat More High Fiber Foods: Take bigger portions of fresh fruits and vegetables that naturally take longer to chew.

• Eat Smaller Bite-sized Pieces: Cut your food into smaller pieces and take the time to chew and enjoy your food. Why would you want to rush through something as enjoyable as good food?

• Put Down Your Utensils: Take a break to enjoy your meal with your companion. Breathe, have a sip of wine and enjoy.

• Review The Meal: Take a few breaks during the meal to consider what it is you like about the food you’re eating. Talk about how much you appreciate that particular cut of meat you’re eating, or how well the Jarlsberg cheese goes with your broccoli.


Our modern lifestyle is fast-paced and it sometimes takes an effort to slow the pace. Since food is one of the more enjoyable things in life it only makes sense to slow down, enjoy your food and the benefits of eating more slowly.

Losing weight doesn’t have to include deprivation and loss of food enjoyment. Taking the time to enjoy good healthy food is an easy way to be lean and healthy.

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