Dinosaur: Tyrannosaurus Rex Is a Dino Icon

Tyrannosaurus Rex is arguably the greatest celebrity dinosaur ever known and by that I mean a 500 Teeth Dinosaur household name, a famed superstar from another time, yet what makes this dinosaur stand out more than any other?

Strangely Tyrannosaurus wasn’t the largest predator to walk the earth as that title currently goes to the Spinosaurus. Even Stranger is the fact Tyrannosaurs wasn’t the fastest predatory dinosaur as many could outrun our famed beasty.

The fact is, when you build up the details of Tyrannosaurus Rex, with its large head and sizable sharp teeth, you start to realise just why this Dino is recognised as the top dog, despite not winning every statistic.

With standing room only, in a very large building, Tyrannosaurus was around 40 feet long, lived around 68 million years ago and could probably run at speeds of 25 miles per hour in short bursts. It’s probable that the females outweighed the males and would have had a mouth that could rip off 500 plus pounds of meat in one go. Oh, and they had fantastic hearing and a great sense of smell meaning they were the absolute definition of a predator at the top of their game.

It’s not really surprising that the majority of dinosaur films have the Tyrannosaurus Rex as the main event and less surprising again is the sheer number of toys that can be found representing the T-Rex in one form or another.

Here are a few that stand out:

Tyrannosaurus Rex toy models come in all shapes, colours and sizes with numerous brands all depicting their take on our favourite dino. Some incorporate movable jaws or legs whilst others concentrate on a fearsome pose. Papo, Safari and Bullyland have all thrown their full capabilities in creating superb models that really standout from the crowd.

Cuddly plush toys are another favourite. Most brands concentrate on making our T-rex look a little more pleasant, then perhaps they would have been, with large eyes and a smile. Cuddlekins have mastered this art and present varying sizes and colours which ultimately makes people collectively dote over them.

Dino Vehicles, popular as ever, always seem to depict our favourite T-rex on the side, from a car to truck, it’s the T-Rex image that stands out.

These are just a few of the numerous toys where the Tyrannosaurus appears. The reality is, its image appears on many items, not just toys and people want to see it.

Like all dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus went missing in the mist of time, in fact they went missing for a very long time and it was only recently, looking at the big picture, that we dug their fossils up and identified them. From these fossils the Tyrannosaurus now lends its image to thousands of products, from films to toys, from Cloths to bed linen, people like the T-rex. Easily more recognisable than any footballer or celebrity they have stood the test of time and it’s fair to say that Tyrannosaurus really is an icon.

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