Coral Minerals – Ionized Calcium, Magnesium and Trace Minerals

There are some nutritional supplements that virtually everyone in America today can benefit from, and in our opinion, these include coral minerals, which contain calcium, Noalc Funciona magnesium and trace minerals, powdered greens, and essential fatty acids. Think of these supplements as a daily multi vitamin, mineral & fatty acid supplement, but they of course need to be from whole food sources, not synthetic. This article is going to focus on coral minerals.

Coral Minerals Well Absorbed

Coral minerals come from coral harvested from the sea, and are in a unique ionized form that seems to be well absorbed by the body. Many other common calcium supplements as well as natural sources of calcium in the diet such as dairy and greens are not always well absorbed. You need healthy levels of vitamin D as well as stomach acid in order to absorb minerals well, including calcium, and many of us are deficient in stomach acid, especially as we age. In fact, studies have shown that by the age of 40, close to 50 percent of us are deficient in calcium. By the age of 60, that goes up to 90 percent! Your body needs calcium so badly, though, for many basic body functions, that it takes calcium from the bones if it doesn’t have enough, and this is what leads to osteoporosis.

Adequate Vitamin D Needed to Properly Utilize Calcium

Look for a coral mineral product that contains calcium and magnesium in an ideal 2:1 ratio along with the many trace minerals we need, such as zinc and iodine. The calcium in coral minerals, since it is ionized, can be used by the body even if your hydrochloric acid is low, as is the case with many of us as we age. You do want to make sure you get enough Vitamin D in your diet, however, as according to many researchers, taking calcium without enough vitamin D can cause the calcium to stick to the inside of your arteries instead of going to where it is needed in the body, such as in the bones and soft tissues. Most cod liver oil is rich in naturally occurring vitamin D. Just be careful, some manufacturers take out the natural vitamin D and add back in synthetic D!

Coral Minerals and Detoxing

Calcium and other minerals are very important for the body to have available for not just building strong bone, but also in order to cleanse, which we all need to do constantly in today’s world. If you go on a special herbal or juice detox program, you want to make sure you have enough calcium and the proper pH first, so that it will be effective. Many people have problems or feel bad while detoxing because they are too low on minerals to process the additional toxins being pulled out of the tissues. In fact, in our opinion, if you feel sick while detoxing, your body is not processing the toxins as fast as they are coming out, and this can actually be counterproductive.

Coral Minerals Can Raise pH – A Key to Good Health

Many of us today, after decades of eating foods low in minerals, including calcium, have an acidic pH. Hidden chronic infections can also lower your pH. This can make the body struggle to get the nutrients it needs, and also can make us feel tired and out of sorts. If you haven’t done so lately, check your first morning urinary pH — many health professionals recommend that it should be between 6.4 and 7.0, and if below that, coral minerals may help to pull that up. First morning urinary pH means the first urine after 5 am. If you wake up in the middle of the night to urinate, your pH will be somewhat higher than it would have been if you had not, so it will not be quite as accurate.

Higher pH Means More Oxygen to Tissues

In addition to the fatigue, another problem with an acidic pH is that as the pH of the urine and saliva drops, less and less oxygen is available to the tissues. In fact, small changes of .1 to .2 in pH can actually translate to 10 to 20 times more oxygen availability. In addition, many doctors claim that cancer cannot survive in alkaline tissues, so if you are too acidic, it appears to be very important to reverse that situation. Many have said that coral calcium, because of its absorbability, is a fast and easy way to increase pH.

Last but not least, people have reported many positive effects from coral minerals, such as alleviation of back & knee pain, lowering of blood pressure, and elimination or reduction of fibromyalgia, and more.*

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