Clarins Hydra-Care Tinted Moisturizer For Younger Skin

Clarins has been in the cosmetics and skin care products field for more than 5 decades now. For the last 10 years Clarins has been the world’s biggest seller of cosmetics and perfumes. hydra onion It has its own laboratory in France for scientific research. All items produced by Clarins are lab tested and perfectly working. Clarins products have kept the tell tale signs of old age away for 10 to 20 years.

The youthful look of skin gives you the feeling of being 10 to 20 years younger. The youthful feeling is not only pleasant but also enlivening, rejuvenating, and reviving. Clarins hydra-care tinted moisturizer SPF 6 is one of the best in the line of moisturizers sold by Clarins. It keeps the skin hydrated whole day, be it a frying hot day. It gives the skin a smooth, moistened complexion.

The skin shade is improved and its natural brightness and health is recharged. The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) level of this product is 6, which helps in protecting your skin from UVA and UVB rays of the sun, preventing sunburns and blistering. SPF 6 mineral filter protects against pollution also.

Only natural ingredients are used to prepare Clarins hydra-care tinted moisturizer SPF 6. Marine plant extract complex, which includes Horsetail, Mallow, Sea Fennel and Echinacea extracts, is the main ingredient of this moisturizer. It helps in maintaining moderate hydration level in the corneous layers of the skin.

Corrector pigments are the other constituents of the moisturizer that aids in smoothing the fine lines on your face. It reduces the imperfections and signs of fatigue on your face and skin. The camouflaging act of corrector pigment will give real freshness to your body, face and mind. This very popular skin protector and smoothing product is priced at $43 apiece.

Clarins hydra-care tinted moisturizer SPF 6, the most sought after skin care item is available in four shades. The names of the shades are 10 Bisque, 12 Gold, 14 Amber and 15 Copper. You can select the one that suits your skin well. Besides moisturizers, Clarins has a wide range of items in its list of cosmetics and perfumes.

Fragrances, Make-up items, Sun protection oils and pastes, Face and body skin smoothers etc. Items for any type of defects are available in the list. Clarins offers products for people of all ages and in all stages. There are beautifying items specially made for different body parts like face, lips, eyes etc. So, step into the nearest Clarins outlet, select the items you need, use them and become young, energetic and happier in no time.

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