A Detailed Review of Ewen Chia’s Fast Track Cash System

Ewen Chia has recently released a product call Fast Track Cash when you arrive on the site you will notice there is an offer for a FREE ebook. Then you will notice there is a short video. If you click on the video to watch it here is what you will hear and see.

The video starts off with suspenseful music playing and shows how in five minutes a new account that he created goes from $0 to $146.09 he then refreshes it and it is now $160.81

After watching this you will probably be wondering if you will be able to replicate his results if you were to purchase Ewen Chia’s product. In this review I will tell you what you get as well as the PRO’S and CON’S of Fast Track Cash are and whether or not it is worth the $47 purchase price.

What You Get With Your FAST TRACK CASH Purchase

A Fast Track Cash Manual in PDF format- This manual is 101 pages long. Here is a sample of some of the content in this manual:

A formula of how to EARN 75% COMMISSIONS ON EVERY PRODUCT SOLD on a website that he introduces you to. Most likely you have not even ever heard of this site he shows.

How to get started

How to get quick and easy traffic

How to create slideshows

Video Marketing

How to generate quick and free traffic with autoblogs

Forum Marketing

How to be a social marketing powerhouse

Easy Facebook traffic

Classified Marketing

A 7 day Fast Track Cash marketing plan and much more.

19 Videos- Here is a list of all the step by step instruction video’s you get:

1. Outsourcing Content From Forums

2. Researching Article Topics

3. Working With Your Articles

4. Redirecting Affiliate Links

5. Resource Box and Article Submission

6. Creating a Press Release

7. Create a Slideshow

8. Video Marketing

9. Blog Install/ Setup

10. Blog Setup

11. Set Up Auto Blogging

12. Finding and Posting On Forums

13. Submitting Your PLR eBook

14. Fan Page Initial Setup

15. Fan Page Tab Setup

16. Fan Page-Add Custom Pages

17. Fan Page-Pages and Applications

18. RSS Marketing

19. Conclusion


BONUS #1 – Fast Track List Building System this was previously known as Ultimate List Building which sold for $497 you rapid cash obviously get it for FREE it is basically a easy to implement 5 Step System for list building. Here is what you get with this bonus in detail.

Quick-Start Cheat Sheet in PDF

3 mp3 recording’s of coaching calls including transcripts

A sample landing page template

A secret video

Landing Page Software

Thank You Page Tactics PDF

Rapid List Monetization System PDF

BONUS #2 Michael Rassmusen’s Get More Buyers which they say is valued at $197 but in reality this product sell for $97 if you were to buy it yourself. But as you can tell this really is still a pretty good deal since you are getting for FREE a $97 product.


1. Learning about the website Ewen Chia shows you that gives 75% commissions on every sell made. These products from the site sell very easily

2. You get both an eBook and video’s that go into detail on how to implement everything that he is teaching you.

3. You will learn a wide variety of ways to promote your site and how to get free traffic coming to your site very quickly.

4. The BONUSES that are included are amazing.

5. No matter whether you are a just getting into internet marketing or you are a veteran you will most likely learn something from this product that he has put together.

6. The 60 day money back guarantee while I highly doubt you will ask for a refund it is still nice to know that if for some reason you are unsatisfied you will be able to get your money back.

7. The 7 Day Fast Track Cash Action Plan simply because a lot of people have a hard time knowing exactly where to start especially when they learn so much all at once. However you can just follow his 7 day action plan and just do what he says each day.

8.If you use the instructions, action plan, and resources provided in this product you should be able to start earning money fairly fast most likely within 24 hours to a week.


There really isn’t to many con’s except that:

1. If you are just getting started into internet marketing you may get overwhelmed with all the content he gives you with Fast Track Cash.

2. Since Ewen Chia is targeting both new and veteran internet marketers alike he will on occasion have information that someone who has done internet marketing for awhile would already know.

3.More likely than not you are not going to earn as much money and as fast as is demonstrated in the video on his website.

CONCLUSION While you may not earn as much money and as fast as shown in the video on the Fast Track Cash website Ewen Chia does provide a very easy to use but effective formula of how to make money online with little to no expenses and fast if followed.

The BONUSES included with this product are also amazing as well. As I said before no matter how little or how much experience you have as an internet marketer you will learn something with this product.

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