3 Benefits to Learning How to Market Online and Avoid Chasing Prospects

If all you know when it comes to getting leads and adding people to your list is offline marketing, I highly suggest you learn how to take your business online as soon as possible. Since its inception people in the network marketing blog or MLM industry have been taught to make a list of their warm market and introduce their business to their warm market. For a very few this has proven to be somewhat successful but for the MAJORITY (over 95%) it has proven to work for a very short period of time if at all.

It is definitely to any marketers advantage that they take control of both avenues of marketing their business. Both online and offline marketing. Remember not to forget about the word MARKETING in the terms network marketing and multi level marketing.

Before the internet there was no such thing as online marketing and the only method was making your list of family and friends. This may be why many marketers who have been around for quite some time may be reluctant to share the online strategy with new marketers. You can’t really blame them though, all you can do is respect them because at least they are being genuine in teaching their teams to be successful in the manner they became successful.

Although, it would be nice if more leaders encouraged their teams to learn how to market online rather than discourage them or mislead them. We are now in an entirely different wave of the network marketing and MLM industry.

One can’t discount the fact that online marketing does work especially if they never tried it. Which is the case for many leaders who have built large organizations in the past. They tend to say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and for some they are so stuck in their old ways, that there’s no convincing them no matter what.

But times have changed and with the age of the internet, knowledge of how to market, can move your business much faster than traditional methods of growing your business. I’d actually say that having online marketing skills may be more beneficial to you in helping you grow your business than the traditional tactics of chasing friends and family. Trying to find new people to expose to your opportunity using some of these tactics can make you go crazy.

I say this for 3 reasons. The first reason is for time efficiency. The next reason is for better targeting and finding the right types of individuals. Not only people you may want to work with, but people that are looking for what you have to offer and just don’t know it yet. And lastly, you have a much wider market and the necessary tools to communicate to this market when you utilize the internet. It’s called the World Wide Web for a reason.

Let’s start with the first point. First and foremost you are in business which means as a business owner you want to value your time. Unless of course you don’t care about your time then your time can be wasted on low result getting tasks. For example opening up a phone book to call a bunch of random people who don’t know you, like you, or trust you is an absolute mismanagement of your time to say the least… Yea I did it and it sucks. And it wasn’t that fun either.

And think about it, since we always talk about duplication, is this the type of behavior you want to duplicate throughout your organization to grow your business? Common sense should tell you that this behavior will do the total opposite of duplication. Instead, it will repel people. People join this industry for freedom, happiness, and to feel good about what they are doing while generating an income unmatched by a job. Tasks like cold calling or attempting to meet random people at your local Walmart like I did are also not the best uses for your time. Why? Because once again your taking too much time to produce insufficient results for your time. As a business owner your time is not worth the $6 dollars an hour you got paid as a grocery store cashier when you were a teenager. Yeah my first job was as a cashier at Save A Lot if you ever heard of it.

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